[TUTORIAL] How To Tell if your Cell Phone is being Tapped, Monitored or Tracked by Spy Software

Spying On You


Because I was a consultant for a number of cell phone spying and monitoring app companies, whenever I go to a conference or a seminar and when it is revealed that I am the consultant for these companies, it is amazing that at the end of the seminar or conference get a lot of people coming up to me asking me questions about cell phone spy apps and how to detect if a cell phone is being monitored, spying on or being tracked.

Is Your Cell Phone Being Monitored?

I sometimes give talks about cell phone spy software and it never fails to amaze me that very few people understand that you do not need to hire a private investigator right now to spy on someone.  A cell phone spy software is all that is required.  Many people are constantly amazed when I show them popular cell phone spy apps like Handphone Spy and Stealth Genie.  In order to protect yourself against being detected by cell phone spy apps, you should first visit the popular cell phone spy app websites and familiarize yourself with what is on the market and their capabilities.

How To Detect if Your Cell Phone is Being Monitored

There are quite a few tell-tale signs that your cell phone has a spy software installed on it.

Tell-Tale Sign #1. Battery Rundown

Does your phone require more charging than previously?  Do you need to charge your iPhone more regularly than previously?  One of the tell-tale signs of a spy software being installed on your phone, is that the spy software is always running in the background, hence it takes up battery life.  Some of the weaker spy apps use up a lot of battery life and hence this tell-tale sign is a straight giveaway that there is a spy software installed on the cell phone.  However, more of the popular cell phone spy apps are very modern and do not drain the battery life much.

Tell-Tale Sign #2.  Unusual SMS or Unusual Text Message

A lot of the popular cell phone spy apps will have an option to send secret coded messages to the phone.  For example, if you see .wru. on a text and you are not expecting anything, chances are you have Stealth Genie installed on your phone.

Tell-Tale Sign #3.  Increased Data Usage

Have you noticed an increase in your cell phone data usage?  Chances are an app is responsible for the sending and requesting of data.  A possible reason could be a cell phone spying app on the cell phone.

Tell-Tale Sign #4.  iPhone Becomes Hot

Is your iPhone hot to touch even if you have not done much with it?  Chances are if it is, then there is some sort of app on the phone which is being runned constantly.  And that app might be a cell phone spy app.  Some of the popular cell phone spy apps are known to run in the background 24 hours 7 days a week, thus causing your iPhone to turn hot.

How To Check for Spy Software on an iPhone

All the popular cell phone spying apps out there including Mobile Spy, Stealth Genie, Handphone Spy, Flexispy require that the target iPhone be jailbroken before their app can be installed.



To find out if your phone has been jailbroken, you can look for Cydia and Icy.  If you see any of these two icons on your iPhone, your phone has been jailbroken.  If did not jailbreak your iPhone and found these two apps or icons on your iPhone, then someone might have jailbroken that iPhone on your behalf.  And why would anyone want to jailbreak your iPhone?  Your guess is as good as mine.

So what can you do if you have found out that your iPhone has been jailbroken?  Well, you can connect your iPhone to itunes and simply upgrade your jailbroken iPhone to the latest iOS.  As of this writing, none of the popular cell phone spying apps like Flexispy, Stealth Genie, Handphone Spy and Mobile Spy have yet announced that they have been able to spy or monitor on the latest iOS 6.1.3 (for iPhones 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS) or the latest iOS 6.1.4 (for iPhone 5).  So what this means is if you are on the latest iOS, the chances of you being tracked, tapped or monitored is greatly reduced.  But than a word of warning, whenever there is a new jailbreak release, your cell phone is skeptical to being tracked, monitored and spyed on again!


4 responses to “[TUTORIAL] How To Tell if your Cell Phone is being Tapped, Monitored or Tracked by Spy Software

    • There is currently no software or anti spyware that is able to identify all the SPY software in the world.
      But there are things you can do that can cut down the chances of being spied upon.

      One basic thing you can do is to put a passcode on your iPhone or put a pin number on your android phone.
      However, please take note that advanced spy software like handphonespy.com are able to bypass the pin number and patterns installed on the android phone.

  1. What if you know your cell phone is jailbroke (Cydia) and you don’t want to lose the jailbreak but want to check and see if any tracking software has been installed. How do you do that?

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